Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
Please call your physician’s office before coming in for your appointment if you have: symptoms of fever, cough or difficulty breathing; been in close contact with someone who may have the COVID-19; traveled to an area experiencing community spread of COVID-19 within the past 14 days; or otherwise may have been exposed to the Coronavirus. 


If you are located in a county or state with a directive to stay at home, please call your physician’s office to determine if you should be consulted via telemedicine.


Please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for the latest updates on risk areas.  


I’m transferring practices, how do I create a new My Care Plus account?

I’m transferring practices, how do I create a new My Care Plus account?

If you are transferring to a new practice, your My Care Plus account doesn’t automatically transfer and follow you to your new practice. You will need to create an account with your new practice, even if you are seeing the same provider.
You have two choices. You can:

  1. Keep your old account, and create a new one with a second email address
    The email address you use for your existing My Care Plus account can’t be used to create your new account. If you have a second email address, your new practice can create your new portal account. This way you can still access medical history in your old account.
  2. Close the old account and create a new one.
    To close your account and create a new one, you will need to call My Care Plus Support. Let them know you are transferring practices and you would like to use the email address from your existing account with your new practice. Practice staff will not be able to assist in closing your account.
    If you would like to save information from your old practice, please download your records before calling Support. After your information is transferred into the new practice account, you will be unable to access your medical history from your old practice. Call My Care Plus Support at 1-855-887-6788 (toll free), Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.