Become a Money Making Machine During Treatment

Modern technology has provided countless ways to earn extra cash, and many of them without ever leaving home. Plus, side jobs can help you stay busy and even add to your skillset in a fun, new way.

We’ve pulled together a list of tips and resources to help ease the financial burden during treatment—or just make some extra cash!

Sell Stuff

We all have extra stuff lying around the house that we no longer want or need, but somebody else could make good use of it. By selling your stuff online, you can clear out messy clutter and make extra cash at the same time. 

  • Open an Etsy account. If you’re a crafty individual, you can easily turn your hobby into extra cash on Etsy.
  • Open an Amazon Handmade account. Amazon is getting in the crafting game with their Amazon Handmade venture. Much like Etsy, you can open an account and sell your crafts through the web’s most popular shopping center.
  • Sell photos. All those photos you took on vacations and around your hometown could generate extra cash on Shutterstock. Submit 10 photos, and if they like what they see, you can become a contributor and earn $0.25 or more each time one of your pictures is downloaded. iStock is another option for shutterbugs that want to earn extra cash.
  • Open an eBay Store. If you’re good at managing inventory and are Internet savvy, you can sell your own things through eBay, as well as items from wholesale suppliers. Use SaleHoo to find wholesale partners, and get a cut of the profits.
  • Sell DVDs, CDs and video games. Decluttr can help you clear out old entertainment for extra cash.
  • Sell smartphones and other devices. Gazelle and Glyde are two excellent resources for getting top dollar on your old devices. Plus, you don’t even have to pay for shipping. They’ll send you a pre-paid box, so devices can be shipped off for free.
  • Sell old books. The Bookscouter website can help you find out how much you can get for old books from up to 43 resellers
  • Sell jewelry and a story. There are numerous websites where you can sell jewelry, but also lets you include a story about each piece. Of course, men and women can also sell items on eBay.
  • Sell sports memorabilia. Cards, balls, t-shirts—anything sports-related can be sold on eBay to avid collectors. You can also research local conventions that collectors are likely to attend.
  • Sell sports gear. Play It Again Sports will pay you for gently used sporting goods, equipment and gear.
  • Sell high-dollar collectibles. Heritage Auctions is a collectibles auctioneer that specializes in rare and high-priced items. In addition to auctioning off the items, they also provide expert valuation guides.
  • Sell food at farmers’ markets. If you’re a whiz in the kitchen (and can handle the smells), you could sell your fare at local farmers markets. 

Write Stuff

Do you have a way with words? Do you love learning about new topics and sharing information with others? Then freelance writing could be the perfect way to pick up a second income, especially if you have education or experience in a specific field.

  • Write listverse articles. Listverse pays $100 per 1,000-word article on a topic that you pitch to the editor.
  • Become an affiliate marketer. If you have a blog already, you can take part in affiliate marketing programs to earn extra cash when readers click on advertiser links.
  • Start a blog. Don’t have a blog yet? Start one for free with WordPress. After a little time, you might be able to generate enough of a following to earn money through various advertising channels.
  • Share parenting advice on Babble. Babble, a child company of Disney, is always looking for fresh content on parenting and pregnancy topics.
  • Become a Penny Hoarder Contributor. The site that gives you hundreds of ideas for earning extra cash will also pay you out of their own pocket. The Penny Hoarder is always looking for people who can provide tips on earning, saving and investing.
  • Write articles that help IT newcomers. Have IT experience? Pitch topics to WorldStart. and you can score $50 per published article.
  • Get a cut of the revenue. There are a few content publishers that will pay you based on how much revenue your posts generate. HubPages is one of the most popular companies using this model, and you can write about whatever you want.
  • Write social media posts, and get paid for views. Daily Two Cents is a social media/blog blend that will pay contributors based on views.
  • Earn more money the more you write. iWriter is a good resource for writers who want to work at their own pace and earn more for turning out excellent writing. Over time, if you get great ratings, your pay per word can increase to a very good rate.
  • Become an expert. Do you have expertise and a fair amount of experience in a field, topic or skill? Then may be looking for you. They’re always offering freelance writing positions to credible authorities. 

Phone Apps 

Typically, your smartphone is a monthly expense. But with the right apps, you can actually use it to make extra cash. It won’t be a steady stream of income, however, the apps below can be a way to make a few easy bucks here and there. 

  • Get rebates with the Ibotta App. Don’t throw away your receipts! Scan them with the Ibotta app to instantly get rebates on items you’ve bought.
  • Snap photos, and scan items in stores. The Field Agent App offers jobs for users to take pictures or scan barcodes with their iPhones.
  • Get paid to play and surf the web. InboxDollars is well established, and now they have an app that makes it even easier to earn cash for doing things on your phone.
  • Earn each month by sharing your data use. Smart Panel will pay to access your usage data anonymously. You’ll get $5 up front, $10 for the first month and $5 each month after that. If you’re 45 or older, you can also sign up for the Media Insiders Panel and Nielsen Mobile Panel for Ages 45+.
  • Paid ads on your Android. If you have an Android phone, you can get paid to have ads show up on your lock screen by downloading the Slidejoy app.
  • Sell pictures you take with your phone. The app Foap will help you make $5 every time someone downloads a picture you take with your phone.
  • Earn while you watch or listen. Viggle will pay you in the form of gift cards for using their app to capture audio while you watch TV or listen to music.
  • Find nearby tasks for cash. Download the Rewardable app, and you’ll be able to find tasks that can be completed for cash. Most tasks only require you to snap an in-store picture or answer a few questions. 

Odd Jobs 

During treatment, you may have to cut back your hours at work or quit altogether. Ease the financial burden by picking up odd jobs that fit your skillset or even a hobby you enjoy in your free time. 

  • Become a consultant. If you’re an expert in your field and want to get great compensation for your expertise, sign up at HourlyNerd.
  • Do small creative jobs at Fiverr. Earn an extra $5 or more for small jobs that revolve around tech, music, design, etc. at Fiverr.
  • Do tasks at TaskRabbit. Handle odd jobs for others by signing up for an account at TaskRabbit. It’s also a great way to find an extra set of hands if you need help around the house.
  • Become a virtual assistant. Today, many professionals are forgoing in-office receptionists for virtual assistants. You can easily take on the role if you know how to use basic software programs and have a computer with Internet access.
  • Teach an online class. If you have a special skillset or talent, you can teach others during an online class at
  • Pet sit other people’s animals. If you’re an animal lover, you can sign up on Rover to pet sit for people.
  • Stay at someone else’s house. House sitting is an easy way to earn extra income and enjoy a stay in a new location. You can find opportunities at House Sitters America. Animal lovers can find jobs that combine house sitting and pet sitting at Trusted Housesitters.
  • Be a freelance translator. If you know a second language, you can find translator jobs at Upwork or Gengo.
  • Do at-home customer service. More and more companies are outsourcing their customer service calls to reps who work at home. Alpine Access is just one resource for these types of jobs.
  • Be a wedding and family photography. If you have a nice camera or DSLR and understand the core principles of photography, you can offer to take family portraits and wedding photography in your free time. Families and couples are always looking for affordable photographers, and the pay per hour can be quite good. You can find gigs on websites like or post your resume and examples of your work on sites like
  • Play music at weddings and special events. Is playing an instrument one of your passions? If so, you may be able to pick up odd jobs as a musician. Find gigs by creating an account on WeddingWire, Gigmasters and GIGSALAD.
  • Turn beautiful handwriting into quick cash. Let’s face it, many people don’t have nice handwriting. But if you know how to do calligraphy, you can pick up side jobs on sites like PeoplePerHour, Fiverr or Upwork. Jobs usually include addressing envelops, making place cards and personalizing baby or wedding announcements. However, you will need to invest a little up front if you don’t already have supplies.
  • Paint your way to financial security. More and more people are choosing to personalize walls in their homes with murals. If you’re the artistic type, you can join and offer your services as a painter.
  • Tutor students. If you have a college degree or advanced training in a particular subject, share your knowledge with students for extra income. Subjects in foreign language, math and science are the most in-demand and lucrative. There are a number of sites like WyzAnt where you can sign up as a tutor.
  • Put your medical experience to good use. Since you’ve had to spend hours talking to doctors, why not earn extra cash as a patient? Standardized patients are actually people acting as if they’re ill to test medical students. Instead of paying for services, you can earn up to $20 an hour.
  • Be a local tour guide. Have you lived in your city for a while? Know insider secrets to experiencing the culture of your city? Then take visitors on tours. Vayable is looking for “insiders” who can create memorable tours.
  • Be a substitute teacher. If your schedule and health allow, you can check with the local school boards to find out about substitute teacher opportunities.
  • Share your experience with others through public speaking. Public speaking at events can be a great paying gig. The speech could be related to being a cancer survivor or your professional experience. 

Provide Your Opinion 

Many people use online surveys and review sites to earn extra cash during the holidays to cover the cost of gift giving. You can sign up at the review sites below to get paid for your opinion year round. 

  • Get gifts cards by taking online surveys. You may be leery of online surveys, but Swagbucks is a legitimate source for earning gift cards through reviews.
  • Get paid to shop and review stores. If you have the energy to run errands, you can make an extra stop as a mystery shopper and get paid to provide a review for companies like Jancyn.
  • Join a focus group. You can earn a nice chunk of change by being part of a focus group. Some organizations will even come to your home. Find opportunities in select cities at the website
  • Become an online juror. Lawyers are now testing their cases before court by having online jurors weigh in. Online Verdict will pay between $10-60 for your opinion.
  • Review products and advertisements. American Consumer Opinion will pay you to take online surveys about potential products and advertising.
  • Join the Nielsen’s National Consumer Panel. The same organization that compiles TV ratings is also paying people to scan items they’ve bought and complete surveys. Fill out the form, and they’ll send you a scanner. Or you can get an app to do it with your phone.
  • Find local focus groups on Craigslist. Another resource for paid focus groups is Craigslist. Search the jobs section for terms like “market research,” “focus group” and “paid study.”
  • Earn points to get rewards. VIP Voice is another popular review site that awards points every time you take a survey. Points can then be used to get rewards, including electronics, appliances and vacations.
  • Help local governments and businesses while you earn. Opinion Outpost rewards users for taking surveys on a number of topics, like politics, sports and food. You can earn cash for every survey and be entered for a chance to win a $10,000 prize every quarter.
  • Get free stuff, and earn cash. Toluna is unique in that they’ll sometimes send you products to test. You’ll earn cash for the review and get to keep the product.
  • Get guaranteed points. PointClub guarantees you’ll earn points for gift cards every time you take a survey. They also offer 5,000 points just for signing up.
  • Take surveys to get more lucrative focus group opportunities. Reviewers can trust the Harris Poll Online, because it’s part of the Nielsen Group. You can earn reward points by taking surveys and could get the chance to participate in paid focus groups.
  • Test websites. Thousands of websites launch every day, and companies need people to test them out beforehand. User Testing will pay you $10 each time you test a website or app.

Use Money to Make Money

It takes money to make money. Fortunately, you don’t have to have tons of cash in the bank to take advantage of financial tools and services that reward you for saving and spending. 

  • Find dollars with odd serial numbers. Money is one of the most popular collectibles, and people will pay top dollar for $1 bills that have odd serial numbers.
  • Buy online at If you need to make a purchase online, start the shopping spree at Ebates and you can get cash back on every dollar you spend.
  • Earn cash and rewards with credit cards. Simply changing the way you pay for things could put more cash in your pockets. Review your current credit cards to see if you could be earning cash and rewards. There are also plenty of banks that offer reward cards with big bonuses when you sign up. Be sure to pay the bill in full every month, or you’ll pay more in interest than you make. 

This material is furnished for informational purposes and is for your personal use only. My Care Plus does not assume any responsibility for financial gains or losses made by engaging in activities listed in this article. Before engaging in any activities, speak with your doctor to ensure there will not be any complications with your care plan.